February 5, 2021 by The New Daily Young people will be severely disadvantaged if the legislated rises in the superannuation guarantee (SG) do not go ahead.New research from mProjections has shown that if the SG moves only to the 10 per cent level scheduled for next July, the average 25-year-old will lose $158,078
February 4, 2021 by Mike Taylor  Young Australian superannuation fund members stand to be 15% worse off at the time of their retirement at age 67 if the Government moves, as being speculated, to cap the superannuation guarantee (SG) at 10%. Analysis undertaken by investment portfolio firm, mProjections has carried
November 2, 2020 by Jassmyn Goh (Money Management) The impact of the Government’s early access to superannuation hardship scheme might only be $8.50 per week in terms of today’s spending power, mSmart believes.The fintech platform’s founder and chief executive, Derek Condell, said the super industry did not have any tools that
December 17, 2020 by Ron Lesh (BGL)  This has been a tumultuous year for BGL, our clients and the superannuation industry. During the year, the government introduced another super early release scheme – this time in response to COVID-19. I have asked our friends at mProjections to do a couple of calculations
December 2, 2020 by Jason Spits (smsmagazine)  Further analysis of the running costs of an SMSF has found they can be run for less than $3000 a year at an average cost of 1.34 per cent a year for a $200,000 fund and 0.5 per cent for a $500,000 fund.The figures
October 29, 2020  by smsmagazineThe effect of early release of superannuation on retirement income balances can be mapped and offset by investment choices, a fintech has claimed. SMSF members who accessed funds early under COVID-19 relief will be able to map the impact of that withdrawl on their retirement income as
April 29, 2020 by smsmagazine The impact on the retirement income of superannuation fund members who choose to withdraw $10,000 from their fund in the current financial year under COVID-19 early access measures has been vastly overestimated by some models, according to an investments and retirement-focused fintech firm. mSmart managing director
Derek Condell presents Mafematica to Angel Investors
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October 13, 2015 by Publicaccountant  Australia’s fintech sector is gaining pace, promising opportunity for accountants who keep up.   For Derek Condell, managing director of fintech start-up Mafematica, accountants have proven to be not only one of his key target markets, but an invaluable source of business advice too.   As

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