Early super withdrawal

The future is uncertain. 

In 2020 the possibility of accessing superannuation to meet essential payments during and after the pandemic came at a cost of reducing future spending levels.  Withdrawing from your superannuation before retirement will always have that effect.

This report allow you to easily understand the important decisions that need to be made about your superannuation strategy if withdrawal is possible,  what you can do now to improve your position, and have a low cost, easy to use, plan for the future.

What is the impact of withdrawing from your super?

mProjections projects the likelihood of the impact of taking funds out now from longer term Super benefits.

Why should you care?

The pandemic has laid bare the challenges of unstable employment on our lifestyle and choices. The Australian government’s early release super scheme can provide vital short-term assistance for members, but this comes at the cost of reducing long term superannuation outcomes.

Younger members and women are most vulnerable, with some startling statistics showing that:
  • Members aged 25-39 are left with a median balance of $3,609 (68% decrease) after withdrawing funds from their super,
  • A high proportion of young women have decreased their balance by about 60-78% and women aged 55+ years old are the fastest-growing group of people experiencing homelessness, and
  • The statistic in the Press  “that you could lose $120,000 in Super at retirement” is, in our opinion, misleading and far too high.

Report Features

Project retirement Fund size

(in today's dollars) before and after super withdrawal

Forecast superannuation payments

Fortnightly and annual payments to be accessed in retirement from Superannuation (in today's dollars) before and after withdrawal

Model financial outcomes for up to 2 people

The Report allows for any age difference.

Calculate Retirement cash flow from different investment options

Compare forecasts

Our financial model provides a confidential report on the impacts of early super release based on current superannuation fund size, employer’s contribution, age, and asset allocation.

It assesses the costs of before and after withdrawing between $1,000 to $20,000 ($40,000 for 2 persons) from super on the four features above.   We also show the effect of changing the investment option after the withdrawal, which may have possible benefits.

We provide a comprehensive outline of our assumptions and modelling.  Find out the effects of accessing super to help decisions now.