Early super withdrawal

The future is uncertain.  

Super fund members may withdraw money from their superannuation fund in the event of severe illness, financial hardship, or on compassionate grounds.  Withdrawing from your superannuation before retirement will always reduce future retirement spending from what it may have been.

This report allow you to easily understand the important decisions that need to be made about your superannuation strategy if withdrawal is possible, what you can do now to improve your position, and have a low cost, easy to use, plan for the future.

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What is the impact of withdrawing from your super?

mProjections projects the range of possible impacts of taking funds out now from longer term Super benefits.

Why should you care?

Life is uncertain.  The Australian government allows early access to super to provide vital assistance for members who find themselves in hardship, or for compassionate reasons.  

But this comes at the cost of reducing long term superannuation outcomes.

It’s important to consider the balance between the immediate benefit and any longer term repercussions.

Our report shows the range of the possible fund size and retirement income before and after withdrawing funds from super.  We also show the effect of changing the investment option after the withdrawal, which may have possible benefits.

As an example of the compassionate grounds for withdrawing super, they include needing money to pay for:

  • medical treatment and medical transport for you or your dependant
  • palliative care for you or your dependant
  • making a payment on a home loan or council rates so you don’t lose your home
  • accommodating a disability for you or your dependant
  • expenses associated with the death, funeral or burial of your dependant.

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Report Features

fund size

In today's dollars, before and after super withdrawal

Forecast superannuation payments

Fortnightly and annual payments, in today's dollars, in retirement from Superannuation and pension, before and after withdrawal

Model financial outcomes for up to 2 people

The Report allows for any age difference.

Calculate retirement cash flow from different investment options

Compare forecasts from different investment strategies

Our financial model provides a confidential report on the impacts of early super release based on current superannuation fund size, employer’s contribution, age, and asset allocation.

It assesses the costs of before and after withdrawing between $1,000 to $100,000 ($200,000 for 2 persons) from super on the four features above.   We also show the effect of changing the investment option after the withdrawal, which may have possible benefits.

We provide a comprehensive outline of our assumptions and modelling. 

Find out the effects of accessing super early.  Now!