Confidently Project and Manage your Financial Future

The future is uncertain. But retirement finances shouldn’t be.

Our reports, and the superannuation calculator underlying them, are to help people get a better understanding of the possible levels of spending they can maintain in retirement, how much they may have at retirement, and the uncertainty (likely, best, worst) around these numbers.  All this at a reasonable price.

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Why Should Australians Care?

Saving for retirement is an important part of life in Australia. The Age Pension provides a quite modest, but adequate, level of income for most people.  The superannuation savings system has been designed to give people a higher standard of living, comparable to what they had before retirement. 

But the system is complex, and the time frame over which we need to think about retirement is long – when you retire your expected lifespan is more than 20 years.  There is a lot of uncertainty in thinking about what could happen.

mProjections, with our superannuation calculator, is here to help people to get a better understanding of what can occur in the future, showing both the good and the bad, and helping people to make better decisions on what to do now.

How We Can Help

Easy to use

At a click of a button, understand what are the likely retirement forecasts for your long-term super financial outcomes.

Projection of variable outcomes

mProjections' superannuation calculator is developed by a team specialised in superannuation portfolio modelling to help visualise superannuation projections.

Peace of mind for the future

View the report and have more confidence in the projected financial future and a solid idea of your super balance.

There are two reports currently. 
One concerns the person who is considering accessing their super; we provide an analysis that shows the real cost of early withdrawal of super.
Another shows the effect of different investment options on the retirement income.
A subscription gives access to all our reports for 12 months.

Our superannuation projections assess the impact of decisions by taking into account the factors that our regulatory authorities require, e.g. inflation, reporting in today’s dollars, and show annual (and fortnightly) payments in retirement for 25 years

Act now by investing $85.00 including GST to buy a 12 month subscription that gives Members access to all our current Superannuation Reports, as often as they need, and on-going updates such as:

  • Out of workforce (including being currently unemployed)
  • Planned lump-sum expenses (overseas travel, renovations)
  • More asset classes and asset allocation for super discussion
  • Retirement report that shows the different retirement benefits of changing Investment Options.
  • Goal-directed investments with education as one of the goals.

Super Report Features

Project retirement
fund size

Assessment (in current value or today’s dollars) before and after super withdrawal

Forecast superannuation payments

Fortnightly and annual payments to be accessed in retirement from Superannuation (in current value) before and after withdrawal

Model outcomes for
1 or 2 people

The Report allows for 1 or 2 people, with any age difference, helping to be more informed about their super future (including Members of an SMSF)

Retirement cash flow projection from different investment options

Compare forecasts of typical outcomes, as well as potential very good and very bad outcomes.

We have created a financial model that provides confidential reports on the impacts of different asset allocations and the early release of super, based on current superannuation fund size, employer’s contribution, partnership situation, and age.

We provide a comprehensive outline of our forecasts, informed super projections, and modelling. Find out the effects of early access to super to help make important decisions now.