Evaluate a financial future with our Superannuation Projection Calculator

Here at mProjections we go straight to the point and make it easy for Members to go on a comprehensive journey of understanding likely incomes in retirement.  How? We show the uncertainty of these incomes, the effect of different asset allocations, and retirement ages, before and after an early release of super, and more.  And all this is included in your annual subscription.  Truly super forecasts!

With our superannuation projection calculator, we can help forecast super growth and benefits. mProjections’ superannuation projection tool empowers Members to greater understanding of their Super funds, to get a grasp on what their financial future will look like, and what important decisions will need to be made that will project a comfortable retirement.

Explore what happens as you change inputs such as:

  • increase additional contributions by $1,000 per annum ($4 per working day – the price of a cup of coffee!);
  • retire one year later, or earlier;
  • invest an amount into your super fund now (say from a bonus at work);
  • reducing the fees paid to your super fund manager;
  • higher or lower expected returns on your super fund investments (see our Advanced questions).