Affordable and Flexible Education Funding

Many parents wish to save funds during a child’s younger years, and then draw on the funds when the child goes into private schooling (primary or secondary), higher education college, university or specialist training RTO (registered training organisation).  The uncertainty around such a savings plan is huge.  What will future educations costs be?  What return will be obtained on investments?  When will the money be needed?

Using the same tools as our mProjections product we will allow subscribers to easily specify:

  • possible scenarios for the education costs e.g. 2 or more children entering levels of education at different ages;
  • different saving schemes covering, for example, contributions to increase over time, or large one-off additions to be anticipated.

We will offer a choice of investments for the savings programs including shares, bonds, managed funds or ETFs through our mInvest product.

This allows subscribers the  choice of broker and, if desired, the use of external investment accounting software providers.

The future is uncertain.  Flexibility is essential.

Monitoring of the portfolio over time will allow the savings plan to be checked for continuing appropriateness, and, if necessary, for changes to the plan to be made.


Because of our structuring of this product the costs for this saving scheme need to be kept to a level the subscriber is comfortable with.

This is achieved by allowing  the subscriber to have choice of the investment, the broker, and accounting supplier.