Forecast your savings goals or education funding plan with confidence

Buying, managing, and integrating your securities with your life goals is now simpler, whether it’s an education plan for your children, or to build an investment portfolio outside of superannuation, or whatever you can think of.  

mFolio allows you to view, analyse, amend and purchase portfolios of shares, ETFs, or other securities or investments, and match them to a savings plan.

Subscribers can select to have their trades seamlessly reported to one of the investment accounting software suppliers, such as BGL, Class, or Supermate.

This will reduce costs for the DIY investor and financial advisors.

How will it work?

If the investor is primarily interested in the goal for which the investment is made then they may invest in a simple ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) and concentrate on how an additional investment, or change from their existing ETF, may affect their plan for reaching their goal using the integration with our mProjections, mEducate, and mLifePlan products.

For subscribers who wish to have more individual portfolios the process is described below.

Subscribers can see the effect of changing the investment portfolio on a savings goal. In this example the investor wants a goal of $125,000 (top bar). The growth oriented portfolio (2nd bar) gives a higher 50-50 value, but with a higher degree of uncertainty. The 3rd bar shows the effect of a conservative portfolio - less uncertainty, but a lower expected value.

Choose an investment class from the range below:

As an example, choosing Australian Shares will bring up a page such as this:

Then choosing the stock market sector Materials will show the shares that make up this sector and some of their primary information:

This investment portfolio could be purchased immediately, or, using the Assess this portfolio button, could be assessed for adding to a subscriber’s current portfolio to give a projection of savings towards a specific goal.

Our system will allow adding or subtracting the various investments chosen to a subscriber’s portfolio, and then performing an assessment of the new portfolio using our mProjectionsmEducate, and mLifePlan products.

If the subscriber has an account with one of the investment accounting suppliers, then the executed transaction can be seamlessly reported to them for immediate updating.