Selecting, buying, and  managing an investment portfolio is easier than ever.

mInvest allows you to view, analyse, amend and purchase portfolios of shares and other securities that have coherent investment themes behind them.  These can be the standard stock market sectors, such as Top 20 Leaders or Materials, or themes such as climate change, or ESG.

How will it work?

Choose an investment class from the range below:

As an example, choosing Australian Shares will bring up a page such as this:

Then choosing the stock market sector Materials will show the shares that make up this sector and some of their primary information:

This investment portfolio could be purchased immediately using the broker of your choice.

mSmart will offer a choice of brokers for transactions and, in some cases, for model investment portfolios.

mSmart uses standards compliant communications, meaning our technology works with all brokers, both domestic and international.

If you don’t see your broker listed below, please contact us and we’ll open discussions with them.